How to inspect an Element in Safari Browser

Last Updated: July 20, 2016 /
If you are a web programmer then sometimes we need to inspect an element in safari browser. But nothing found in right click option like other Firefox and Chrome browser. Today we share that how to enable inspects element in safari. This is simple and easy tips to add inspect the element.

How to inspect an Element in Safari 

Step #1
Click on the gear setting icon in safari browser, who appear in the right top corner side.

Step #2
After that click on Preferences (Ctrl +,)

Step #3
In the Preferences Pop up, Click on Advanced tab

Step #4
Check the Show Develop menu in menu bar

Step #5
Close the Preferences Pop up, now the web developer tool has enabled. Right click and Choose 'Inspect Element' option.

Now you can inspect any element in Safari browser.