How to Fix Your Apple Id had been Disabled - iPhone

Last Updated: April 24, 2016 /
This is supremely annoying, particularly if you happen to you are making an attempt to learn your mail or get the most recent app from the App Store. But it is all for one of the best, as a result of typically this warning signifies that someone has been attempting to get into your Apple account, and Apple has thwarted them. Your Apple ID is locked sometimes when someone enters your password incorrectly too many occasions.
Here's the right way to unlocked a disabled Apple ID and account that is been locked for safety reasons.

How to unlock your disabled Apple ID

  1. Open Safari browser
  2. Visit iForgot site (
  3. Fill mandatory fields (First Name, Last Name and Email Address)
  4. Click Next button
  5. Enter the number and click on Next button, If you have two-step verification then enter verification code who receive on registered number.
  6. Enter your new password
  7. Click on Reset Password button.
Now you will have access app store with new Id password and never see "Your Apple Id had been Disabled" message on your iPhone.