Top 10 Best Anti theft app for Android

Last Updated: April 17, 2015 /
If you lost your android device, then don't worry about it. Because many apps help you find out where is your android device.These apps easily find your android device location on the map. These apps provide many other features.Here I am providing the top 10 best anti theft app list for android device.


#1 My Droid

My droid is an anti theft app developed by Alinman tech. If your android device missing, then the app helps you to track down your android device by sending a code will make your phone ring. If your device on silent mode then you will get GPS location.

#2 Avast Mobile Security

It is a security app generated by avast software. The app finds your lost device and gives security from viruses or spyware. You can download avast mobile security app from Google  play store.

#3 Plan B

Plan b is used when you had not installed any anti theft app to your android device. The app will send an email with their GPS and cell tower location.

#4 Lookout Security Antivirus

Users can find their lost device on google map by the use of lookout security anti theft app. If your device loses his battery, then it gives the last location of the device.

#5 Android Lost Free

This app not only find your lost device, but also provide theft's latest call list.

#6 Bitdefender

Bitdefender provides security from viruses, malware and spyware. It also alerts you of  automatically download any app on your andriod device.

#7 Cerberus

It gives triple protection for your android device as remote alarm, GPS tracking, wipe off SD card and internal storage.

#8 Norton Anti Theft

Norton security antivirus app generated by norton mobile. It protects your device from lost, spyware, malware and viruses.

#9 Antidroidtheft

The application locates your lost android device and it also tracks changes of your SIM card.

#10 Seekdroid Lite

Seekdroid helps its users to find their missing android device and tablet. You can also able lock your device and wipe the SD card.