How to use Internal Link and Why

Last Updated: April 18, 2015 /
First the question is what is internal link and how you use them in your own website to improve your website content marketing SEO and page rank. An internal link connects other web page of a website to a different page of the same website. It means that a website page includes many other links, which is connect other web pages of the same website.


Why we use of internal links?

Here are some of the benefits of effective internal linking.

Internal links help to increase visitors.

Internal links help you to access other web pages of the website through them.

With the help of internal link you can tell the readers that you have other same topic, which is providing more information to the audience on the same topic.

When the readers find same other related topics by the use of internal link, then they stay longer on  your website. Which is helping to increase your website's bounce rates.

Some articles on a website have a higher page rank. When you give an internal link in the article of a  lower page rank article, then you able to pass the link juice to the linked page.

How to Use internal link

1 Write big content
On your website, you must write big content, because you have more option to give other related topic   links..

2 Give link in popular article of lower popular article
When you give the link in a higher page rank and popular article/webpage of other similar topics to pass   the link juice to the linked page.

3 Use a reasonable number of internal links
No one can define that how many links you use should use in an entire webpage. But you could not use   more than 100 links in a web page.

4 Related topic link
When you give link in an article/post, then you pay attention that internal links must be related to   the topic.

5 Use follow links
Follow links help to pass the link juice, which is most important for the website.