How to Transfer Files via Flash Drive

Last Updated: April 18, 2015 /
Many people need to transfer file from one computer to another computer, when they are working on office and their own business. Many systems available for transfer file from one computer, laptop to another computer and laptop. One of them to transfer files to another computer using the flash drive. Flash drive is a very simple and safe way of transferring files. The device capable for massive storage capacity. When you use of flash drive, then you don't need to reboot your system for the drive to be recognized. For transferring files via flash drive follow the steps given below.

Step #1

First of all insert your USB Flash drive into USB port and then click on " Open folder to view files".

Step #2

Now choose files to transfer in windows explorer. After choosing files make right click on USB flash drive and select "Eject" after the copying process is completed.

Step #3

Now remove the flash drive from computer's USB port. After removing the flash drive, open windows explorer via start menu.

Step #4

Select files on the USB flash drive you can drag and drop them on the destination computer's hard drive.

Step #5

After copying process completed you, can remove the flash drive from your computer's USB port.