How to Index your Blog Post Quickly

Last Updated: April 23, 2015 /
Website blog post indexed on Google search engines is very important for reaching maximum audience for your blog post content. Indexed mean that any search engine is showing your website result. If your website is not indexed on search engine, then the problem is that your website page result will not show on the search engine. Then this was a big problem for you. First, ensure that your website indexed on search engines, for check it type your website URL in any search engine and check that your website result was appeared or not. You can easily indexed your blog post quickly. Here I am providig some great ways to index your post content quickly.

Write Big and Quality Content

This is the most important part of your website. First write big and quality content to get indexed your post quickly. Use keywords and write post content more than 500+ words.

Use Ping tom Services

Ping-O-Matic is a very useful service for both blogger and WordPress users. It is an effective way to notify search engine for your website pages.

Sitemap Submission

You can submit a sitemap to Google, yahoo and many other popular search engines.

Create Back links

If you have so many back links of your website, then it was very helpful in indexed your blog post quickly. So you must create internal and external back links on your website.

Use Social Networking Website

Every blogger must use the social networking websites, because it is also an easy way to get indexed your blog post. Social networking website as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ helps to you create more back links of your website.