How to increase Facebook Likes and Traffic

Last Updated: April 17, 2015 /
Facebook is a largest social media website. Many people have a Facebook profile and they are create a Facebook fan page for getting success in their business and many other reasons like attract more people for visit his website, get more traffic, connect with more persons. So that gets all these great benefits you must have more Facebook likes and traffic. Now the question is how many ways you used for increase Facebook likes and traffic. 7 best ways to increase Facebook likes and traffic.

#1 Make your image big

When you share your blog posts on your Facebook page make sure that your post image bigger then the normal size. Make your post image prominent, this is the best way to get lots more Facebook likes, shares and comment.

#2 Post quality content

Post quality content also most important. Content must be useful and good quality,which is helping to give more satisfaction to the audience. A good quality content helps to improve page rank and more traffic.

#3 Embed short video clips

Upload short video which helps to readers of what your article is about. If your video impressed your fans, then more fans engage with your article.

#4 Share other people blog content

If you want to new traffic to your blog, then you share other people blog content. Sharing other blog content is a brilliant strategy of more traffic to your blog site.

#5 Use Facebook Ads

You can use Facebook ads to promoted post.

#6 Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising is an easy way to get traffic.

#7 Ask questions

Ask questions to your fans related to your fan's choice by ask question like trivia, personal view etc.