How to Install Viber On Android Samsung Galaxy Tab

Last Updated: December 01, 2014 /
Viber is a mobile app who sends free phone calls and text message to another viber user. It is available on 3G or WI-Fi network. Nowadays, Viber app is so popular and every android mobile phone user wants to download Viber on his phone. Because Viber provide phone calls and text message without any cost. After install Viber, you can easily send a text message to another user. But most important that how to install viber on the Android Samsung Galaxy tab. If you want to install and download Viber on your smartphone, then follows below Steps.
Step #1

Open A Google Play Store

Step #2

Now Search Viber on Google Play Store

Step #3

Download and Install Viber

Step #4

After install Viber, then Open it and Register your mobile number.

Step #5

After a few seconds, You Will be received an activation code.

Step #6

Activate Your Number.

Step #7

After that, start messaging using your Viber contacts.

Step #8