How To Choose Best Android Smartphone

Last Updated: December 13, 2014 /
If you are buying an Android smartphone first time, then you will face many confusions relating the selection of smartphone. Because it is a very typical to choose a better and perfect Android smartphone for you. Today, many Android smartphone brands available in the market. Every brand of Android smartphone loaded with advanced features and technology. But every brand has some strong points and some weak points. Requirement of Android smartphone for student, businessman and the common person is different. So you must buy Android smartphone on the basis of your category. First, I advise to you that you must read the review of Android smartphone which are you like to buy. Here we are providing some topics description and comparison that will be helpful for you in selecting a best Android smartphone for you.

How To Choose Best Android Smartphone

#1 Display

First choose the size of smartphone display that you want. You must Compare display protective glass, type of touchscreen etc. Display size is the most important for every Android smartphone. 

#2 Operating System

Comparison between OS and choose a better OS. Every brand of smartphone loaded with latest version of OS. Famous OS are Android and Windows.
#3 CPU

Consider the CPU that the phone runs on. The CPU is the most important for a higher CPU operating frequency allows you to do heavier multitasking and quicker global phone responsiveness. A dual core processor is better than a quad core processor.

#4 Memory and RAM

If you want to store more music, videos, photo, movies and other file, then you require higher internal memory storage and RAM. You must notice that the memory is expandable or not. Because an expandable memory gives more storage option.

#5 Features

Comparison between other features as USB, Bluetooth, weight, sensors, Browser, battery talk time and standby stats, camera quality for HD recording and HD pictures, general quality and price.