How to Activate Automatic Responses on Gmail

Last Updated: December 05, 2014 /
If you are going for a vacation and you can't use any computer, android during to low network internet connection and you are a busy person and you receive so many email from other persons. Every person, which are send an email to you waiting of your reply. You can easily solve this problem by use of automatic email reply with Gmail email template. This program able to give automatic response when you can't be online. To activate automatic responses in Gmail follow the steps, which is shown below.

Activate Automatic Responses in Gmail ( Step 1 of 3 )

Step #1

First, click on "Setting", which is shown on the top corner of your Gmail account. Under the “General” tab, look for “Vacation responder”.

Step #2

Activate Vacation responder and select date of vacation, write subject and message body.

Step #3

The duration of sending emails automatically is 7 days. But you can extend it by clicking on the “Ends” option and defining the ending date. At last click on "Save changes".


Vacation responder is very useful if you’re out of town and want to tell your friend about that if they sends any mail. You can easily learn that how to activate automatic responses in Gmail.