How to Fix If Your firefox hangs or not responding

Last Updated: November 15, 2014 /
In this article, We are sharing solution of Firefox hanging after click on any link. Firefox is the most popular browser in the world and almost people browsing via Firefox. If your Firefox browser suddenly hangs or not responding then browser not working properly. If you are facing this problem, then follow below guidelines and stop Firefox hangs or not responding. 

How to Fix If Your Firefox hangs

Step #1

Click on Menu Icon, click help icon and select Troubleshooting Information

Step #2

The Troubleshooting Information window will be open

Step #3

In the Application Basics Section, Click on Show Folder, new window will be open.

Step #4

Close your Firefox browser

Step #5

In the Folder rename these files places.sqlite to places.sqlite.old and places.sqlite-journal to places.sqlite-journal.old

Step #6

Reopen your Firefox browser.

I hope this article helpful for you. If find any problem then comment us.