Best Free Web Browser App for Android ,iPad, iPhone and Windows Phones 2014

Last Updated: November 14, 2014 /
In this article, We are sharing top best app browser for Android, iPad, iPhone and Windows Phones. All apps browser is safe for browsing. If you are looking best app browser for your Android Mobile Phone then below browser apps helps to choose browser for your phone. I am providing list of top best browsers. Choose any app browser for phone and keep browsing fast and secure. These all Apps support your Android, iPad, iPhone, and Windows phone version. Check out best browser app for your phone.

Chrome Browser

Chrome is the fastest browser for android phone. It is brought by google and also android. Then my opinion Chrome browser app for best for your phone.

Firefox Browser

Firefox is also similar browser like Chrome. Same features are available for android who Firefox provides on the desktop version like bookmark, history and Add Ons. It is also supporting flash video on your Android phone.

Opera Mini Browser

A few years ago Opera Mini was the only browser for mobile phones. It is also good mobile browser.

Maxthon Browser
Maxthon is cloud based mobile browser. It is not only android, but also available for Mac, iOS and Windows mobile phones.

Teashark Browser

Teashark browser app working like UC Browser and tab feature also available on this browser

Baidu Browser

If you are trying to choose a phone browser, then Baidu Browser is one of them. It is simple, fast and free mobile browser.

Next Browser

Next Browser browser app develops only Android device, So download and Use your Android phone.

UC Browser

UC Browser is fast and secure browser for downloading, Browsing and shopping.

Dolphin Browser 

You know speed is an important part of browsing and Dolphin Browser is the king of speed.