List of Best Opearating System 2014

Last Updated: November 17, 2014 /
Today, We are sharing about a list of top best operating system of the PC. Generally almost people using Windows and Linux operating system. But if you are looking and know about the other best operating system, then this list helps to you find the top operating system for your system. Here is the list of top OS system 2014.


Android is a mobile based operating system developed by Google company. It is the most popular operating system in these days and grow its popularity regularly.

Chrome OS

The Chrome Operating system is also best OS for your PC. It is online based operating system. It is not working in rural areas.
Mac OS X

Mac OS x is unix based operating systems developed by Apple. It only runs Mac Computers.


Haiku is free, open source operating system. It is self hosting in the year 2008. It is developed by Haiku Inc.


Syllable free, open source operating system. It is compatible with Pentium processors. It Is best OS for home and office work.