Top Best Search Engine List 2014

Last Updated: November 15, 2014 /
If you don't know who is the best search engine on the web and searching who is the best Search in the world. Today we are sharing top best search in the world. These search engines Measure by the popularity, ranking and visitors. If you are looking best search engines Then this list helps to find world best search engines.

List of Top Best Search Engines


Google is the most popular and well reputation search in the world. Almost every person choose the Google search engine for the searcher anything on the web. It is provided best relevant search results ever. Highly recommend for this search engine for search queries.


Being search engine launch in 2009 by Microsoft company. It is the latest web-based search engine.


Yahoo launch in 1994 and it is the oldest directory on the web. Yahoo provides latest result any search query like shopping, image and many more. It is the second most popular search engine in the worldwide.


Ask search engine based on crawler technology and show the search result of user queries.


AOL also popular search engine. It is provided latest search result by Google crawler index. It has provided search result link who available on the AOL directory. AOL show search result too similar to Google.