How to Disable /Turn off Images in Firefox

Last Updated: November 15, 2014 /
Today, In this article we are sharing how to turn off images in firebox browser. If you browsing low and dial up connection then image take a time to load. If you are Insisted only read the text then you want to disable images from your Firefox browser. It is a simple way to disable images. This option available only latest version of Firefox. 

How to Disable/Turn Off Images

Step #1

First of all open new tabs in your Firefox browser

Step #2

Copy the below code and Paste into address bar, then press enter


Step #3

'This might void your warranty!' A box appears, Click on I'll be careful, I promise button

Step #4

Now Find permissions.default.image, Right click on and select Modify

Step #5  

Change the value to 2 and click OK

IF reverse this option again, then changes to value 1