How to Open an incognito Window in Google Chrome For Private Browsing

Last Updated: October 08, 2014 /
Google Chrome is offering two types browsing windows. First is normal window who sets a default when user open Chrome browses then normal window open. But next window is private window. If you want to use private window then opens new Google chrome window who called an incognito window. Google Chrome introduced new incognito window for user private browsing.

This window doesn't provide any browsing history or cookies of users. So, If you are using Google Chrome browser and looking for private browsing then open an incognito window and make your private browsing 100% secure. If you don't know how to open incognito window, then Don't worry. Follow below guidelines and use the incognito window in Google Chrome.
How to Open Google Chrome Incognito Window

Incognito Window is a gift for user who want to use private browsing any palace. It is deleting all browsing history and cookies when close the incognito window. If you are downloading any data on incognito window and save your computer, then not to worry your data is kept secure and remain your system.

Step #1

Click on Page Menu Who appear top right.

Step #2

Select New incognito Window

Step #3

Then a New incognito Window will be open.  (Shortcut key for incognito window 'Ctrl + Shift + N' )

How to Open any link in incognito window

You can also open any Google search engine link in incognito window. Just Right Click on link and select Open link in incognito window.