How to Share Your Data Card Dongle With Two PC/System

Last Updated: September 30, 2014 /
Data Card is a removable card which is used for internet suffering. Mobile operator companies different type Of data card dongle providers like USB data card, WI-Fi Data card, etc. Data card dongle self contained device Which is plugged into a USB port in a PC.

Data Card is using always growth because it is simple to use and anywhere. If you are going out of your city, then you can use It. You can also use your dongle with another PC. Simply follow below steps:

How to Share Dongle with Another Computer

Step #1

Control Panel >>Network Connections

Step #2

Right Click on Local Area Connection >>Properties

Step #3

Local Area Connection Properties >> Click on Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)

Step #4

Click on Use the following IP Address and Set IP Address as:

IP Address:               192 . 168. 1. 2
Subnet mask : 
Default Geteway:

Step #5

Select Ok

Deafult IP Address should be