Top 10 Most Popular Travel Websites 2014

Last Updated: August 23, 2014 /
If you are planning to go for a trip during your holiday, then don't concern about it. Because many travel websites available on world wide web. You can check review for a place and book your trip online. You can save your precious time by the travel websites. Here we are providing to you top 10 most popular travel website list of 2014.

#1 Booking

Booking is a top most popular online booking website. Its users 45 million per month.

#2 Yahoo! Travel

People also check their hotel booking and facility.  Yahoo travel had estimated unique 35 million users monthly.

#3 Priceline

You can save a big amount of your money by Priceline. Priceline help users obtain discount on a flight ticket, hotel booking, cars and many other travel ralated packages. Its users 20 million per month.

#4 TripAdvisopr

The website gives travel advice for hotel booking and hotel reviews. Tripadvisor had 40 million users monthly.

#5 Expedia

If you are making plans for a trip then go on Expedia and buy airline tickets, check hotel reviews. Its users 25 million per month.

#6 Travelocity

Travelocity is so popular for travel related deals and its users estimated 15 million monthly.

#7 Hotwire

Find cheap travel packages at Hotwire and book hotel, flight ticket at more discount. Hotwire had 9 million monthly users.

#8 Hotels

Hotels is a top most websites for book hotel rooms online. Its 16 million users per month.

#9 Kayak

Kayak is a travel search engine for travel related cheap deals. Kayak's had 13 million unique users per month.

#10 HomeAway

Homeaway is a vacation rental marketplace with 190 countries and its estimated unique users 8 million monthly.