How to Set Up Fingers On Key Board for Increase Your Typing Speed

Last Updated: July 11, 2014 /
There is a need of one table for keeping the typewriter and one chair for sitting the typist. The height of table and chair must be 70 to 75 cm and 45 cm respectively. the chair must be armless. Typewriter should be placed in such a way on the table, so that the frame of the Key Board must be corner of table. The distance between the typewriter and typist must be 22 to 22 cm. The fingers of both the hands should not be a little pressure given before typing on the keys. 

At least two papers are essential to fix on the typewriter in order to maintain the smoothness of the Roller. After pressing the 'Paper Release Lever' put the paper between Roller and feed Rolls, and raise the paper release Lever. Turn the Roller in clockwise position in order to get the straight position of paper. The paper must be pressed under the 'Paper Bails' in order to get the proper upper margin of 2.54 cm. It also helps to make the paper  straight and avoid extra noise during the typing.

The movement of fingers on the keys should be in accordance of the given diagram. Finger must come back to its previous 'Home keys' after type . Space bar must be pushed by right thumb. 

It is essential to take the guidance of qualified instructor in the beginning. Because after seeing the keys again and again during typing, makes wrong Type Practice. Fast and right typing without seeing the Key Board is known as 'Touch Typing Method'. It requires long Type Practice. The letters of the Key Board must be typed again and again in order to get the letters of Key Board in the memory. When all the letters of single line of  Key Board comes in the memory, start to make words by applying those letters. Remember all the keys of all the lines, After that remember all the words by typing with pronunciation.