How to Create Radius Border for Your Pictures in Adobe Photoshop

Last Updated: July 08, 2014 /
Radius Border images look nice and show sharp corners in the picture. I really frustrating with this task. Specially round corner picture using in web design. If you are using rounded corner pictures in your pages then your site looks professional.

In this tutorial I will show you to how create a radius border for your pictures in Photoshop.


Step #1

Open your picture in Photoshop

Step #2

Create Rounded Rectangle On Your Picture

Step #3

Right Click on Rounded Rectangle Shape in layer Section then click on Blending Options. After that a layer Style box appears on your Photoshop screen. 

In the Blending Options make Opacity 0%, then Click OK

Step #4

In the Right Sidebar Layers tabs Section, Click Paths tab. In Paths tab section right click and click make selection then Appear Make Selection box, then click OK.

Step #5

Photoshop Menu --> Edit--> Copy Merged (Shift+Ctrl+C) and Make a New File in Photoshop 

Step #6

Paste (Ctrl+V) in New File and Save it.

Now your picture is ready to view with Radius Border.