How to Check Your Computer CPU Speed With Simple Ways

Last Updated: July 09, 2014 /
If you want to know how fast your CPU is. This will depend on which Windows OS version the PC runs on. We give you 3 simple ways to check your CPU speed.

First way click the 'Start' button. Scroll to 'My Computer' and right click on that. Click the 'Properties' tab on the menu. Click on the 'General' tab, the computer's speed and other system information are available on it.


The second way is to access the system information utility. Click on the 'Start' button. Click the run utility afterwards. Type in 'Msinfo32' and click 'OK'. The CPU speed available under the processor item.


The third way is to locate the CPU speed  from the Help and Support Center. Click 'Help and Support'. Click tools and select advanced system information. Click 'View Detailed System Information', Then CPU speed information will be among the information shown.