How to Change Language on Your Computer in Simple Ways

Last Updated: July 09, 2014 /
If you want to change the language of your computer, then it is so easy. Follow below steps and change your computer language in Regional language.
Step #1

Go to Start "Menu" and click on "Run".

Step #2

Type in "intl.cpl" and then click "Enter".

Step #3

A new window opens up which is the "Regional and language options" window.

Step #4

Now click the central tab which is the "Language" tab.

Step #5

There is a command button in the "Language" tab which is the "Details" button and click on it. Again opens a Window which is the "Text Services and Input Language" window.

Step #6

In this window on the first tab "Settings" tab you can find the current language to which it is set. Just select English from it and click "OK".