How to Share Internet Connection With Other Computer or Laptop

Last Updated: April 20, 2014 /
Peoples can save money by share internet connection. Many ways available for sharing internet connection like wireless connection (WiFi), dial up, cable modem or DSL modem. All of this internet connection share with other computers and the iphone, when that is part of your network. An internet connection setting also depending on your operating system. The most common OS are windows and Mac OS X. Here is the step to how to share internet connection with both windows and with Mac OS X.

Step #1

First sure about your host computer, that initial internet was formerly set up.

Step #2

Second log onto the host computer as either an administrator if you are in an office setting or as the owner Of the computer.

Step #3

After that click on "Start", and then click on "Control Panel".

Step #4

Click the icon of  "Internet Connection".

Step #5

Now Right Click specific internet connection that you want use.

Step #6

And now click the "Advanced" tab once the properties window opens.

Step #7

Click "OK"