How to Change Wi-Fi Password With Simple Steps

Last Updated: April 14, 2014 /
Wi-Fi is a program allowing computer, phone and other devices to connect  to the internet Or broadcast with one another without any wire within a limited area.

Wi-Fi is strong for protection you connected, but an unsecured Wi-Fi can put your personal  Data in danger. Changing the password regularly is a main key to protecting your network And your data. You can change your Wi-Fi password with 6 simple steps.

Step #1

Press and hold windows + R key.

Step #2

 Type cmd in the windows that appear.

Step #3

On the black screen, type ipconfig. You will get detailed information about your IP.

Step #4

Copy the default geteway IP address and type it on the address bar.

Step #5

Type the default username and password.

Step #6

Once you get into the official router page, go to the security, change the wireless password that you want.