How to transfer money through ATM card to others account

Last Updated: March 13, 2014 /
If you want to transfer money from ATM Card to another bank ATM card, there is no choice for money transfer directly to a bank account. Instead, you can use the ATM card to another ATM card transfer. In card to card transfer the money in your account is transferred to any other ATM card.

Step by Step guide to Transfer Money ot Other Bank Account Via ATM Card

Step #1

Insert ATM Card

Step #2

Enter Your Pin Number And Press Proceed  

Step #3

Press On Change Teller

Step #4

Press On Interbank Transfers

Step #5

Choose Funding Account Type

Step #6

Select Receiving Account Type 

Step #7

Select Receiving Bank Account

Step #8

Enter Account Number to Money Transfer

Step #9

Enter Transfer Amount and click Proceed

Step #10

Click Proceed 

Step #11

Confirm details and Click Ok

Step #12

Transaction completed

Step #13

Please check the receipt for your reference account number.

Step #14

Retrieve Your ATM Card