How to Use Keyboard as a Mouse in Windows XP

Last Updated: March 23, 2014 /
If your computer mouse is not working and you do not wait for a new mouse and then your mind one question that how to use keyboard as a mouse. It's easy to use your mouse as keyboard using Screen Keyboard. Windows XP gives you the option to work without a mouse. In Windows XP, you can work without a mouse. These techniques are very useful when your computer mouse is not working properly.

Windows XP users can use mouse keys feature to move the arrow keys by following steps.

Step #1

Click the Start, Click on Control Panel

Step #2

Double click on Accessibility Options

Step #3
In the Accessibility Options, Click the Mouse tab

Step #4

Check the 'Use MouseKeys', and then click on Settings

Step #5

Set the Mouse Speed with pointer

Step #6

Click Ok

After these settings, you can able to work with a keyboard as a mouse Moving Left- Right and Up-Down and use '5' as a Right click.