How to Turn Off the "This Connection is Untrusted" Error Message

Last Updated: October 25, 2016 /
When you open a site using Firefox browser, The browser first verifies the SSL (or Secure Socket Layer) certificates on the site Before making the connection of the site. SSL certificates help to verify the ownership If a domain when displaying the sites. If this certificate is expired, the browser displays "This Connection Is Untrusted" Warning to alert you that there Is a security risk.

Step by step guide to how to solve "This Connection is Untrusted" Error Message Firefox browser.

Step #1

On the "This Connection is Untrusted"  Message Page, Expand I Understand the Risks list and Click on Add Exception.

Step #2

After that Appear Add Security Exception box, then Click on Get Certificate.

Step #3

Check the Permanently Store this exception option.

Step #4

Click on Confirm Security Exception.

Step #5

Close the Current Firefox and Restart your Firefox browser. After that your error message remove permanently.