Know Who is Accessing Your Wi -Fi Connection

Last Updated: October 23, 2016 /
Any private smartphone Wi - Fi network to meet the users makes happy. Using someone else's money you feel good. Similarly, hackers homes and private companies in the Wi - Fi networks are trying to break the password .  People who Wi - Fi are used incorrectly, it can be good for them ,  but those who Wi - Fi networks being hacked them can be a hassle .

Step -1
Check your Wi-Fi Modem Lights
Laptop , PC , Smartphone , Smart TV as if the device is turned off, the lights will turn off the modem . If it does not turn the lights off after  maybe a your Wi - Fi network is using another device . The easiest way is, of course , but it would not be fair to say infallible .

Step -2
Softwar Help
Wi - Fi is used which is another way to find out. There are several software that will help internet Wi - Fi internet piracy may know. MoocherHunter is also one of them. Using this software, user can get the details of the network admin panel.

Its users Wi - Fi networks should always be arranged password. With this, you should change the router's password and user ID to do so by hackers Wi - Fi to hack a reduced scope.

If you want secure your WI- Fi password, then it's a necessary change your password regularly.