How to Recover Your WordPress Admin Password Using PHP MyAdmin

Last Updated: January 24, 2014 /
If you have forgotten your password for self-hosted blog or website. There is a simple process you can go through to recover your admin password. Simply click  the "Lost your password" link  directly under the WordPress login form. Sometimes it does work fine but most of time "Lost your password" doesn't work for WordPress Admin Panel. 

In this tutorial, I am going to show you eight simple steps each of which will help you reset your WordPress admin password.

Step-1  Open  PHP MyAdmin 

Step-2  In the Database, Click the on WordPress Database

Step-3  Click on the "wp_users" table

Step-4  In the wp_users, Click on browse field

Step-5  Edit your username and password with associated Id

Step-6  In the user_pass field, remove password and type your new password

Step-7 Click dropdown and select MD5 from list menu.

Step-8 Click the Go button in the screen to Save your changes.

Done !

If doesn't work for any reason , then do it again.