How to Increase Your Internet Speed Up to 150% with Simple Steps

Last Updated: January 31, 2014 /
If you use the Internet to stay connected with family members, friends, shopping, entertainment or work tend to be the best course of browsing speed is important to you. Whether it be high speed broadband or 3G internet connection, often returns to the problem of slow internet speed. Slow Internet speed can be frustrating and reduce your work performance while online surfing. Online movies, YouTube Videos, gaming and other Internet activity today often requires fast Internet speeds. There are  many software available that you can install on your computer to  increase your internet speed . But here is the simple and free steps to grow your internet speed.

For Internet Explorer 8 Users
Internet Explorer 8 makes this very simple, allowing you to delete Temporary Internet Files and Cookies of your browsing in a few quick and easy steps.

Step 1- Open Internet Explorer

Step 2- Click the Tools Menu, then click Delete Browsing History.

Step 3 - Select the check box Temporary Internet Files and Cookies.

Step 4 - After that click the delete button.

For Mozilla Firefox Users

Step 1- Click on Tools Menu, Then click Clear Recent History

Step 2- Select Cookies and Cache box

Step 3- Click the Clear Now Button

For Google Chrome Users
Deleting your Google Chrome browsing history is a great way to protect your privacy. Just follow below simple steps.

Step 1 -Click the Google Chrome menu on the toolbar.

Step 2- Select Tools on the toolbar menu.

Step 3- Select Clear browsing data.

Step 4- Select the "Clear browsing history".

Step 5 -Click the Clear browsing data button.

You can also use (Ctrl + Shift+ Delete) keyboard shortcut for deleting your browsing history.